DigiTrak Falcon F5®

DigiTrak Falcon F5 Guidance System

The Solution

Falcon technology represents a significant advancement in helping crews overcome one of the biggest obstacles to completing their underground drilling projects: passive (metallic) and active interference. Falcon F5 provides crews with Falcon technology alongside all the advanced features of the classic F5 system, like DataLog, fluid pressure monitoring, and dual frequency bands.

The Problem

In today's competitive underground drilling landscape of deeper bores and more challenging jobsites, interference from both active and passive sources, has emerged as one of the primary obstacles to completing HDD installations on time. Interference varies from jobsite to jobsite, at different points within the same jobsite, and even with time of day. After extensive research and testing in some of the most challenging interference environments in the world, DCI concluded that selecting a transmitter frequency that sidesteps interference is far more effective at overcoming this obstacle than simply increasing power.

The Innovation

The Falcon approach involves dividing a wide range of frequencies into bands, then selecting the frequencies that are least susceptible to the interference in each band. Falcon F5 has nine bands that each use the best-performing of hundreds of frequencies between 4.5 and 45 khz. When using the Sub-k Rebar Transmitter, three additional ultra-low sub-kilohertz frequency bands (.33 kHz - .75 kHz) are available for dealing with the effects of passive interference. Optimize one band for best performance on the majority of the bore and the other band for a high-interference segment. The system is easy to learn and simple to use every day. By following a few easy steps at the beginning of each pilot bore, you will be ready to drill within minutes.

Competing systems define success in terms of depth and data range. Falcon technology also provides tremendous range, but that isn't what makes Falcon great. DCI defines success as enabling crews to complete the largest number of jobs possible in the shortest periods of time. Falcon technology is designed around that principle.

The Falcon system comes standard with a receiver, remote display, batteries, and battery charger. The classic DigiTrak F5 locating system has earned a reputation as the premier guidance system in the industry. With the introduction of Falcon frequency optimization, the DigiTrak Falcon F5 is a more powerful locating system that addresses active interference using a single wideband transmitter, plus provides DataLog, fluid pressure, and easy toggle menu navigation. The Falcon F5 gives you the best frequencies and features to get the job done at every jobsite, every time.


  • Falcon frequency optimizer analyzes and overcomes active interference at different jobsites
  • Two transmitters support multiple frequencies from 0.33 - 45 kHz. The Sub-k ultra-low frequency transmitter is specifically designed to deal with passive interference, e.g., rebar
  • Infrared pairing of receiver and transmitter
  • Integrated GPS module provides < 1-meter resolution to add location GPS data to the DataLog
  • 0.1% precision pitch for completing critical grade bores
  • Max Mode noise filtering boosts fringe data and stabilizes depth readings
  • Increased power in a 15 in. transmitter for industry-best 100 ft. depth and 125 ft. data range
  • Supports DataLog, Log-While-Drilling, and Target Steering® features
  • Compatible with DigiTrak Aurora® touchscreen display
  • Fluid pressure transmitter
  • 24 transmitter roll positions



Product ID FF5
Receiving Frequencies 0.33 – 45 kHz
Telemetry Channels 4
Telemetry Range (Aurora) 1800 ft (550 m)
Telemetry Range (Falcon Compact Display, FCD) 1000 ft (305 m)
Depth Range 125 ft (38.1 m) / 65 ft (19.8 m) when using Sub-k rebar transmitter
Data Range 150 ft (45.7 m) / 80 ft (24.4 m) when using Sub-k rebar transmitter
Power Source DigiTrak lithium-ion battery pack
Battery Life 8 – 12 hrs
Controls Trigger and toggle switches
Graphic Display Full-color LCD
Audio Output Beeper
Operating Temperature Range -4 to 140° F (-20 to 60° C)
Accuracy ±5%
Voltage 14.4 VDC nominal
Current 390 mA max
Height x Width x Length 11 x 5.5 x 15 in. (27.9 x 14.0 x 38.1 cm)
Weight (with battery) 8.5 lb. (3.86 kg)
Remote Display Options

Falcon Compact Display (FCD)
Aurora 10.4" Touchscreen Display (AF10)
Aurora 8.4" Touchscreen Display (AF8)

Bundled Price Calculator


  • Carry case(s)
  • Operator's manuals on USB flash drive

*Price may vary based on regional equipment requirements, iGPS module is sold separately.


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Falcon F5 iGPS System Price Calculator

Individual Components and Accessories

Falcon F5 receiver with LWD Kit
Falcon F5 receiver with iGPS capability and LWD Kit
iGPS module with carry case
Falcon F5 8" Short range Sub-k rebar transmitter
Falcon F5 15" Long range transmitter with pressure
Falcon F5 15" Sub-k rebar transmitter with pressure
Falcon F5 19" EXT long range transmitter with pressure
Falcon F5 19" EXT range Sub-k rebar transmitter with pressure
  • Mounting hardware with drill and mobile docking stations with DC power cord
  • 13 in. 80-degree TNC antenna
  • Carry case
  • Operator's manual on USB flash drive
  • Mounting hardware with drill and mobile docking stations with DC power cord
  • 13 in. 90-degree TNC antenna
  • Carry case
  • Operator's manual on USB flash drive
Aurora 10.4 in. touchscreen display
Aurora Battery Power Adapter – offers lithium-ion battery power with magnetic base for AF8 or AF10, lithium-ion battery not included
  • One Li-ion Battery pack
  • One 13 inch BNC antenna
  • AC/DC cords
  • Power adapter
  • AC/DC cords
  • Power adapter
F Series lithium-ion battery pack
NiMH battery pack
Aurora drill docking station (includes RAM mount 1.5" C size)
Aurora mobile docking station
DC power cord (4 pin x DC)
Telemetry antenna, 13 in. 90-degree – Aurora TNC
Telemetry antenna, 13 in. Falcon Compact Display – BNC
  • China, Russia, India, Israel, and Brazil
  • All countries except: China, Russia, India, Israel, and Brazil
  • China, Russia, India, Israel, and Brazil
  • All countries except: China, Russia, India, Israel, and Brazil
Falcon F5 receiver and Falcon Compact Display System carry case
Falcon F5 receiver and AF8 Remote Display System carry case
Aurora carry case


NOTE: Receivers and Displays are licensed for use in the USA/Canada, United Kingdom, China, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Australia. Specify Country (e.g. US, UK, CH, SW, AU, NL) when ordering any of the Remote Systems, Remote Parts, or Remote Upgrades.

All prices are $US, FOB Kent, WA, USA. Please check with your local DCI office for applicable MSRP.
Prices on systems, components & accessories are subject to change without notice and subject to availability.

DigiTrak® Systems and all related components are designed and built in the USA.
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* MSRP's are manufacturer's suggested retail prices only. Actual prices may vary. MSRP does not include foreign taxes or duties.

DigiTrak Falcon F5 DataLog and LWD System Overview

DataLog and Log-While-Drilling System Overview

The DigiTrak Falcon F5 DataLog® and Log-While-Drilling (LWD) software allows you to collect and store drill data electronically. The data is recorded on an Falcon F5 receiver and then uploaded to a computer for editing and analysis using LWD software. DataLog records the following types of data:

  • Depth
  • Pitch
  • Elevation change (surface topography)
  • Fluid pressure
  • GPS coordinates for each data point recorded when using the iGPS module
  • The flags and pins options allows you to record landmarks adjacent to the bore

Collects and Stores Drill Data

Analyze, annotate, archive, publish.


A DataLog system includes the following:

  • Falcon F5 Receiver – A locator or receiver with DataLog menus used to display and record transmitter data; the data is then uploaded to a computer or transfered to an iOS®/Android® smartphone or tablet.
  • Falcon F5–compatible Transmitter – A battery-powered device located in the drill head with sensors that continuously measure and transmit information about the below-ground drill head.
  • LWD Software – Software used for creating as-builts on a computer. The software is found here.
  • Upload Adapter – A USB Bluetooth device that connects the Falcon F5 receiver to your computer. (This upload adapter is not necessary if transfering data to a smart device.)


DigiTrak Falcon F5 iGPS®: Integrated GPS Module

Professional Grade Positioning

The DigiTrak iGPS module is a lightweight and fully integrated GNSS receiver that provides positioning information directly to the DigiTrak Falcon F5 walkover locating system. iGPS is purpose-built for HDD field applications where above-ground location data must be seamlessly integrated with underground locating data.

Falcon F5 receiver with iGPS module.

Capturing an accurate representation of the bore location is a requirement for public utilities and private companies installing underground assets. The iGPS module powers up immediately upon attachment to the Falcon F5 receiver and adds GNSS data to every logged depth reading. The data is viewable in table format and can be exported as a KML file for overlay in Google Earth.

Falcon F5 receivers require a hardware upgrade to use iGPS.

  • Small, lightweight, hands-free GNSS receiver designed for the Falcon F5
  • Direct power/data connection to the Falcon F5
  • Provides sub-meter resolution using SBAS correction services, no annual subscription fee
  • GNSS data is integrated with LWD data and viewable in LWD Mobile and LWD 3.04
  • LWD Mobile data is viewable on both Android and Apple smart phones
  • Supports White Lining on the job site

What is White Lining?

The White Line feature lets iGPS users visually superimpose a variety of colored line styles onto a Google Earth map. Use iGPS White Lining for marking:

  • Proposed drill paths
  • Existing and proposed adjacent drill paths
  • Existing or proposed pot holes or day lighting locations
  • The actual drill path after pilot drilling or product installation
  • Surface reference points or objects of interest, such as survey points or reference hubs, curbs, roadways, and above-ground utilities
  • Existing or proposed subsurface utilities
  • Known or expected changes in soil or geological conditions
  • Drill site set up: location of the drill rig, axillary mud tanks, mud reclaimer, product pipe, pipe fuser, pipe welder, HDPE reels, where the assembly product should be placed prior to the final ream and product pull back, and traffic control
  • Drill path offsets or deviations


1,650 shot under Lake Minnetonka, MN at a depth of 26ft