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DigiTrak SE Accessories

SED Remote Display

The DigiTrak® SE® remote display (SED) allows you to see the drilling information at the drill rig. The SED is equipped with an external antenna.

F Series Display

The F Series Display (FSD™) provides drilling information at the drill and can receive telemetry signals from F5®, F2®, SE™, Eclipse®, Mark V, and Mark III locating systems. The FSD is equipped with an externally mounted 13" antenna, with an optional longer antenna available for increased telemetry range.

SE Transmitters

DCI offers different transmitters for use with the SE system. Go to the transmitters page for more information.

The SE System is compatible with DCI’s DucTrak transmitters used for tracking existing non-metallic ducts.

SE Battery Charger

The DCI NiMH battery with charger will power the SE receiver for up to 6 hours.