DigiTrak F5 DataLog and LWD System Overview

DataLog and Log-While-Drilling System Overview

The DigiTrak® F5® DataLog® and Log-While-Drilling (LWD) System allows you to collect and store drill data electronically. The data is recorded on an F5 receiver and then uploaded to a computer for editing and analysis using LWD software. DataLog records the following types of data:

  • Depth
  • Pitch
  • Elevation change (surface topography)
  • Pullback force and mud pressure, when using a DigiTrak TensiTrak® transmitter
  • Fluid pressure, when using an F5 fluid pressure transmitter (FPT)

Collects and Stores Drill Data

Analyze, annotate, archive, publish.


A DataLog system includes the following:

  • F5 Receiver – A locater or receiver with DataLog menus used to display and record transmitter data; the data is then uploaded to a computer.
  • F5–compatible Transmitter – A battery- or cable-powered device located in the drill head with sensors that continuously measure and transmit information about the below-ground drill head or product pull-force that the above-ground receiver detects and displays.
  • LWD Software – The computer application used for uploading data to a computer and for working with the data.
  • Upload Adapter – A USB Bluetooth device that connects the F5 receiver to your computer.


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