DigiTrak F5 FPT Overview

Fluid Pressure Transmitter

The DigiTrak® Fluid Pressure Transmitter (FPT) provides instantaneous readings of the annular drilling fluid pressure around the drill head during a pilot hole. The FPT is fitted with fluid pressure sensors, but still incorporates all the functions of the F5® dual-frequency transmitters. Although the mechanical design of the transmitter and its electronics is new, its dimensions are the same as standard DigiTrak transmitters. The only requirement for using the FPTs is that there must be a fluid path from the annulus around the housing to the four fluid pressure sensor ports located at the front of the FPT.

Advantages of the FPT include:

  • Real-time downhole mud pressure displays continuously at the receiver and on the remote display at the drill.
  • Knowing downhole drilling fluid pressure changes assists in preventing inadvertent returns and/or damage to surrounding structures.
  • Changes in the fluid pressure can indicate formation changes that may require modifications to the drilling fluid.
  • Fluid pressure data can be monitored and saved on the F5 receiver and uploaded via Bluetooth to a PC for later analysis and reporting using DigiTrak LWD software.

Collects Fluid Pressure Data

Monitor, analyze, annotate, publish.



Part Numbers F5Dp 19/12 and F5Dp 12/1.3
Depth Range 65 ft (19.8 m)
Frequencies F5Dp 19/12: 19.2 or 12 kHz
F5Dp 12/1.3: 12 or 1.3 kHz
Battery Type
(hours awake/asleep)
2 C-cell alkaline (20/200), or
1 SuperCell (70/400), or
2 SAFT LSH14 (40/400)
Maximum Temperature 220° F (104° C)
Length x Diameter 15 x 1.25 in. (38.1 x 3.175 cm)
Weight 1.65 lb (748 g)
Pressure Range 0–250 psi (0–1725 kPa)
Pitch Sensitivity 0.1%
Roll Data 24-position clock

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