DigiTrak F5 Overview

A Weapon of Mass Installation

No matter where in the world you’re drilling, the DigiTrak® F5® is the most technologically advanced, industry-proven, jobsite-functional walkover locator available today.

The F5 receiver combines its best-in-class functionality and technical precision in a lightweight yet rugged package that can execute the HDD industry's toughest installations day after day. Five available transmitter frequencies help you navigate the toughest jobsite challenges and finish strong.

Give your client peace of mind with bore path and pullback data logging. Regulations are inevitable; get ahead of the curve.

The F5 is truly an evolution of technology and design. Companies who rely on safe and productive bore completions day after day choose DCI’s F5 locating system. Contact your local dealer and demo an F5 system today.

5 Frequency Options

Give interference the slip.



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