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DigiTrak F2 Accessories

F Series Display

The DigiTrak® F Series Display (FSD™) provides drilling information at the drill and can receive telemetry signals from F5®, F2®, SE®, Eclipse®, Mark V, and Mark III locating systems. The FSD is equipped with an externally mounted 13" antenna, with an optional longer antenna available for increased telemetry range.

F Series Transmitters

DCI offers several different transmitters for use with the F2 system. Go to the transmitters page for more information.

The F2 System is compatible with DCI’s DucTrak™ transmitters used for tracking existing non-metallic ducts.

F Series Lithium-ion Battery Charger

The DigiTrak F Series battery charger (FBC) charges both lithium-ion battery packs and SE NiMH battery packs (SBP™). Both batteries include LED meters for quick power level checks.

MFCB — Multi-Function Cable Box

The DigiTrak Multi-Function Cable Box (MFCB) is required when using a cable transmitter. The MFCB powers the cable transmitter and relays both power and transmitter data to the remote display.