What our happy customers are saying...

California Boring, CA

“From the very first bore using the DigiTrak® F5®, I was able to concentrate on drilling and not correcting” — Ross Rosenberg, 13 year guidance specialist

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Heartz Equipment of Jacksonville, FL

“I’ve been drilling for over 20 years. There are some jobsites where interference gets so bad that I have to double and triple check but, the box never lies. I trust it, it’s my ass if I hit something. It has gotten easier to use as well now, the Mark III was confusing as hell when I got it but, now it’s easy as pie. Teaching guys is a lot quicker now.” “To me it’s everything (talking about the locator)! I can teach most of these guys out here how to drill; and really the drills are quite similar nowadays, but without a good locator we’re dead in the water. You guys make it so easy and I know it’s exactly where the box tells me. I can put that drill head in some really tight spots.” — Jose, foreman

GAC Construction of Raleigh, NC

“I know that I’m new to drilling and my company has to get better at this stuff. I’ve called you so many times for help and I appreciate it so much. You’ve always been there, that means more than how much things cost bud. I feel like you’re part of my team and man we needed it, a lot of my guys need that training so bad, you’ve sped them up so much. We have made awesome improvements, the guys are getting better. DCI has our business. We’re not using anything else man!” “When I was using Subsite I didn’t think it was a big deal, but since I met you, you showed me I didn’t even know what I didn’t know (he says with a laugh.) It was completely different to see my guys after a day with you. They never had that type of one-on-one training. DCI is more spot on than Ditch Witch for sure, but now I see how much faster it is. It’s not even close. I never even knew about you guys until we had to start turning in bore logs. It has all worked out great because we are making money every month. I’ve worked so hard to keep this company afloat, when my equipment doesn’t work, it kills me.” — Guillermo Amaya, owner