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Owners John (L) and Peter (R) with Peter’s plane
Owners John (L) and Peter (R) with Peter’s plane

DCI was founded by longtime friends, colleagues, aeronautical engineers, and avid pilots John Mercer and Peter Hambling in 1990 to create the most advanced HDD locating and tracking system in the market.

They also wanted to support this system with extraordinary world-class customer service. DCI revolutionized the HDD industry with the introduction of the DigiTrak Locating system in 1991. The unique features of the new system provided greater accuracy for measuring the depth and location of the drillhead than prior systems. More importantly the new system provided two additional vital orientation parameters, pitch and roll. By knowing the pitch and roll of the drillhead the drill operators could advance the drill much faster and pull back the product easier so the drilling operation became more accurate, productive, and profitable. Almost overnight the other locating systems available at that time became obsolete and DCI steadily built a fast growing market share.

John and Peter have created an open, supportive, fun work place. The company recruits and retains the top people in their respective fields. DCI has a completely open work space with no offices or cubicles; walls just slow people down. Instead we use a host of large living plants to separate the different areas and add to the oxygen level; gives us energy and fuels our creativity. You will find various dogs wandering around or sleeping on the rugs. This open office space encourages great communication and the relatively flat organizational structure means that everyone feels like they're on the same team. This office environment encourages everyone to pitch in for whatever needs to be done. The goal of the environment is to drive a very enjoyable “people engine” and at the end of the day, a very successful company.

DCI products are designed and manufactured at DCI Headquarters in Washington State; we believe internal controls yield quality, durable products. DCI supports USA sales and customer service through full-time field managers. Overseas sales and customer service are provided through dedicated offices in Germany, China, India, Australia, and Russia.