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Digital Control Incorporated (DCI) is the global innovation leader creating technology which makes underground construction safer and more efficient. We have a team of bright, passionate and playful employees around the world who have led DCI to be the world leader in the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) market.

Why DCI?

DCI empowers our employees to be innovative and creative. Our open (forest-like) work environment with NO OFFICES or CUBICLES, creates free flowing conversations across all functions. We have gaming days, Lego challenges and ping pong matches to build on our creativity when one hits a road block. If that doesn’t get the creative juices flowing, our employees bring their four-legged companion (dogs) to work and can take them for a walk around the Green River trail.


What to expect at DCI? 

Work hard, play often….

DCI takes pride in being a leader in the industry of HDD but also for caring a lot about our employees.  We don’t believe that employees should be burdened with benefits expenses so we provide lucrative medical and dental plans unmatched in most other companies. We also like to eat at DCI and find any excuse to celebrate the most random holidays (Pi Day, Chocolate Ice Cream Day, etc.)  We have monthly catered lunches, tickets to the Mariners and Sounders, wellness competitions, and most importantly a team of people who will tell you that DCI is the best place they’ve ever worked.  This is evident by our long service team and very little turnover.

DCI Offers

  • Medical Benefits (no premiums, no claim costs, no deductible)
  • Quarterly Bonuses
  • Life Insurance and Disability Insurance
  • Dog Friendly
  • Cool Work Space
  • Great Work-Life Balance
  • Great Retirement Benefits
  • Commuting Benefits
  • Wellness Competitions
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Lots of Celebrations
  • Gamer Lunches
  • Mariner, Thunderbird & Sounder Tickets